by Kander and Ebb
Directed by Tyler Handford and Rachael Szabo
Choreography by Marina Stefano

Sunday, December 3rd at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm.
Monday, December 4th at 7pm and 8pm.


Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of Cabaret.
Songs from Cabaret are encouraged but not required.
Be prepared to do a cold reading.
People wishing to audition for Sally, The EmCee, or a Kit Kat Klub dancer will be required to to dance.
Please bring proper dancing attire.
Callbacks will be Tuesday, December 5th at 7pm.
Show dates: Feb 8-10 @ 7:30 and Feb 11 @ 2:30.

There has been NO PRECASTING for this show. All parts are open.
All ages are welcome to audition, but there is only one role in the show for a child.
Unlike other productions by Tyler and Rachael, there is not enough room in this show to use everyone who auditions.


AAFC presents auditions for “DOUBT: A PARABLE” by John Patrick Shanley!

Sunday, December 3rd from 7-9pm
Monday, December 4th from 7-9pm

Auditions will take place at the Geyer Performing Arts Center.

SHOW DATES: March 8-11

In this brilliant and powerful drama, Sister Aloysius takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young Father Flynn of improper relations with one of the male students at her Bronx school. Director Earl L. Christopher seeks a strong ensemble of dedicated actors and that he and his staff are committed to creating a professional/FUN atmosphere and rehearsal process. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.

Due to the demands and content of the piece based in 1964 Brooklyn, we are looking for the following for the four principle roles (1M, 3F):

Father Brendan Flynn:
- A male appearing to be in his late 20s or older.
- Working class from the Northeast.
- Head priest at St. Nicholas Parish. Also teaches the boys in physical education.
- Very personable, and witty.

Sister Aloysius Beauvier:
- A woman appearing to be in her 50s or older.
- The principal of St. Nicholas School. 
- Watchful, reserved, unsentimental.
- Conservative in her ways. Stern and reserved, but caring (this is subtle however).

Sister James:
- A woman appearing to be in her early 20s.
- Inexperienced teacher at St. Nicholas school.
- A bit of sunshine in her heart, though she’s reserved as well.

Mrs. Muller
- An African American woman appearing to be in her 30s to 40s.
- Mother of Donald Muller, the boy in the center of the ambiguous plot of the story. 
- Red alert. Very caring towards her boy, and will do whatever it takes to ensure his safety.

In addition to the four principle roles, to add an ambiance to the story, we are also looking for an offstage chorus of members of ALL AGES to sing Latin hymns a cappella before the production and in between scenes.

A prepared monologue, headshot, and résumé is recommended but not required. Cold readings will be provided in the event there is not a monologue prepared. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about one of the principle roles, please prepare one of the character’s monologues from the play.

If you are only interested in singing in the offstage chorus, PLEASE make it known on the audition application form at the time of auditions and just bring 16-32 bars of a classic hymn (Latin or non-Latin) to sing a cappella only.

Callbacks will be the week of auditions, most likely near the end of the week, but for now is TBA.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the director at

Thank you and we hope to see you at auditions!!!!!